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Ripple (XRP) to be launched in China by end of year

Ripple (XRP) is planning to enter the Chinese market by end of 2018 according to a recent news article. The launch of Ripple into the Chinese market would create great buzz on crypto chat groups and most likely increase profits and market cap for the company. Ripple is a software company using blockchain technology for currency exchange. It is often discussed whether Ripple will be launched on, which creates quite the debate.

The launch of Ripple into China makes sense as China is very bullish on blockchain technology. Once Chinese regulators approve of Ripple, we believe this will help smaller blockchain projects to get approval. Ripple’s leader of government and regulatory relations for Asia Pacific Sagar Sarbhai said:

This year you will see more announcements coming in on China, in terms of educating and differentiating us from some of the other cryptocurrencies that are out there.

We are excited to track Ripples path into Asia, especially China. This news brings great excitement and we hope China will release new regulations soon to allow cryptocurrency trading and ICOs.

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