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Blockchain China Connect held meetings in China

WeChat Image_20180326183914
Brian Su (center) with Chinese blockchain investors

Blockchain China Connect CEO Brian Su have visited many executives from blockchain investor and bitcoin mining community during his one week trip to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen this month. Mr. Su also conducted interview with local law firms to discuss the latest legal trends over ICOs in China. It is noticeable that many bitcoin miners are considering to move their operations to foreign countries such as Russia and the US. Cheaper electricity and safe regulatory environment are the biggest concerns for Chinese bitcoin mining companies. Blockchain China Connect will be assisting two Chinese companies with almost 500,000 mining machine units in selecting proper locations in the US. The team from Chinese companies is expected to visit the US in April. Chinese angle investors and fund managers are very interested in investing ICOs in the US since ICOs are completely banned in China at this moment.  Many Chinese bitcoin trading platforms have relocated to Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.


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