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Hong Kong to host Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018 on May 8

Blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders are coming to The Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018 in Hong Kong on May 8th. As a global leader in the sector, Hong Kong’s own position vis a visa China and Asia makes it the best place to capitalise on the technological progress and investment in the fast growing sector.

Leaders include Nick Spanos, Bitcoin pioneer, founding member of the BitcoinCenter in New York and current CEO and Co-founder of, using blockchain to create next-gen voting systems. David Allen Cohen is the Founder of and an advisor to Hashgraph, the protocol that some think is the next generation of blockchain – or something altogether different.

Major accelerators like 500 Startups will participate, sending Bonnie Cheung, Venture Partner and head of Asia. The Linux Foundation will also have Hyperledger’s leadership there including Julian Gordon (VP, Asia Pacific, Hyperledger) and Dr. Marta Piekarska, Head of Ecosystems. Topics covered will include ICOs and the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. The use of blockchain by financial services institutions, cryptoexchanges, and the connection between AI and blockchain will be examined.

The event is part of a two day series including:

Tuesday May 8, 2018: Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018
Wednesday May 9, 2018: Fintech O2O Global Summit 2018

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