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Zhejiang University to introduce blockchain course to undergraduates

Zhejiang University’s School of Computer Science and School of Software will both open a new blockchain course this year.  This is the first time a Chinese university has opened a blockchain course. The Blockchain Research Center of the Zhejiang University was established this week, the Center will be led by Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Yang Xiaohu from the School of Computer Science and Technology introduced the new course titled “blockchain and digital currency” which will be taught to undergraduates. It mainly explains the principles, techniques, and applications of digital currency and analyzes the current mainstream blockchain technology.  The course will also cover technical architecture and development technology of platform ETH (Ethernet) and HyperLedger, analysis of enterprise-level alliance chain technology platform, and introduction of blockchain application cases, as well as the development trend of blockchain and digital currency.

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