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Two-time NBA All Star Stephon Marbury joins Chinese blockchain group

(Source: China Daily) Sun Seven Stars Investment Group has announced that basketball icon Stephon Marbury will take on the position of chairman in their group’s new sports blockchain group.

Marbury will direct planning and operations for the group’s athletic products, content, and branding blockchain services. He will be entering the emerging sector of sports blockchain services and together with his new teammates, create platforms for digital assets in sports.

Marbury, 41, is known for his 22-year professional basketball career and for being a two-time NBA All Star, a former top player with the New York Knicks, and a three-time CBA (China Basketball Association) champion.

In China, he’s hailed as the founder of the “Beijing Dynasty,” and the first foreign player ever to receive a Chinese “Green Card.” He’s been named an honorary citizen of Beijing and received the Great Wall of Friendship award.

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