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How to choose ICO advisors

As hundreds of blockchain companies are on their way to prepare for a successful ICO, highly experienced business and investment professionals have been considered or recruited as a member of the Board of Advisors as their expertise and reputations can lend their knowledge and credibility to the new ICOs.  Here are some recommendations for blockchain companies and ICO projects when seeking out qualified advisors:

  • Experience: Advisors must be knowledgeable and highly experienced with your areas of business and industry. They can offer extensive financial and business insights to you and your team to ensure a successful business.
  • Personality: Advisors shall be willing to hear and learn from your team about the challenges that you are facing with; they must be trustworthy and easy to communicate with and good at working together with you or your team members.
  • Network: Advisors should have extensive network of influential executives, friends and colleagues in the world of business and finance.  Their relationship can be a great asset to your project and company.

Finally, when you are looking for a perfect ICO advisor, your need to have a full discussion with the candidates, make sure their understand your project and love the ideas of your business, clearly define their role in Board of Advisors along with their compensation package. Put everything in a legal agreement so that your advisor will be working hard and effective for your ICO.


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