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ZGC Inno Town in Beijing supports blockchain business

(Source: China Daily) The ZGC Inno Town in Beijing, a heartland for startups, launched the “33333 Project” to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain industry on April 26.

The “33333 Project” aims to train 30,000 blockchain-oriented talents, cultivate 3,000 elites in the blockchain business, and incubate 300 blockchain startups and 30 unicorn companies in three years.

The project is a joint effort of ZGC Inno Town, Wanglu Tech, WANCHAIN, WanLab and Chengqu Education. ZGC Inno Town will partner with elite global blockchain teams to accelerate outstanding blockchain projects such as incubation, finance, the Internet of Things, supply chains, human resources, biomedical products, education, food and public welfare, and to assist blockchain companies to cultivate technical talent.

Covering a planning area of 1.2 million square meters, the ZGC Inno Town was officially operational on Nov 24 last year, and is now home to nearly 500 startups and 4,000 entrepreneurs.

The town has realized the transformation from “co-working” to “co-working + living”, allowing startup teams to live and work in the same place in a bid to ease the pressures of expensive accommodation, commercial rental costs and long commutes.

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