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Bitcoin Miner shot at 7 times in Taiwan

A bitcoin miner who took money (around $1.6 million USD) from Chinese gangsters Gao Qitang and Chen Yumin to start a bitcoin mining farm was shot at 7 times during their meetup last month in Taiwan. The Taiwanese miner was suppose to split profits with the Chinese gangsters but did not bring the profits to the meeting. The miner blames the strict Chinese regulations on crypto as the cause of not being able to access his money. The gangsters eventually pulled out their weapons and shot 7 times at the Taiwanese miner who was able to escape safely. They are being charge with attempted murder.

The Chinese crypto ban is now causing crime to increase as it is very hard for crypto profits to leave China’s borders. There are many stories about people having their trading accounts frozen due to the Chinese ban last September. We expect to see additional stories similar to this Bitcoin becomes more mainstream and Chinese regulations prolong.

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