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Chinese investors look into ICOs and tech startups

As BitCoin and blockchain are drawing media attention in China, more and more Chinese investors and investment firms are rushing into the blockchain and ICOs, even China has banned ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, investors continue to figuring out ways for business. According to a recent news report, famous Chinese angel investor Cai Wensheng, the founder of famous Sekfue tiycg-up app Meitu, has personally collected over 10,000 Bitcoins. News like this pushes more investors into the crypto world and expect quick or high returns.

Traditional investment advisors and wealth managers are also exploring “digital assets and wealth portfolio” opportunities for their clients. We recently interviewed an executive with Beijing based wealth management firm, their clients are very willing to explore high tech startup sectors or invest in concurrency and ICO related projects even they are unable to participate inside China due to Chinese ban and great fire wall. However, the government are not able to prevent investors from investing as many wealthy investors and investment firms have offshore bank accounts or international operations in Hong Kong, Japan or other countries.


With mainstream international financial institutions and institutional investors begin involvement with concurrency and exchanges, Chinese real estate investors will be directing their capital to blockchain and crypto investment opportunities. However, there are many challenges ahead of them, lack of knowledge on project due diligence is one of the problems.

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