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Huawei makes BTC Bitcoin wallet app available to its smartphones

According to Chinese social media news outlet Sina, Huawei has made the BTC Bitcoin Wallet application available this Friday, Huawei said that BTC’s application for launch was officially reviewed in some countries and regions after it was reviewed by AppGallery, but it will not include mainland China since Chinese government banned Bitcoin tradings.

According to Huawei, along with the launch of the HUAWEI P20 Series, Huawei’s App Gallery is also officially launched worldwide. App Gallery will strictly comply with the laws and regulations of different countries in content management and operations. After the application for BTC’s shelves was reviewed by AppGallery, it was formally launched in some countries and regions, excluding mainland China.
Since the beginning of last year, the Chinese government conducted an inventory of all virtual currency exchanges in the country, followed by a forced closure. The People’s Bank of China said in April this year that the ICO platform and bitcoin-like virtual currency trading venues that have been identified have no risk to exit the Chinese market.

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