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Synereo partners with Qiyi to expand online content platform

Synereo, a company that offers blockchain-enabled Attention Economy solutions, is partnering with Shangahi based Qiyi Culture Communication Ltd (Qiyi Culture) to expand the online monetization platform for Chinese content creators, according to a news report by China Daily today.

Synereo, which develops decentralized technologies for a fully sustainable economy for content creation, curation and distribution, said in a statement that it is working with Qiyi Culture to introduce WildSpark, a content monetization platform recently launched by Synereo, to deliver decentralized content monetization to online content creators in China. Synereo’s WildSpark is a distributed meta layer on top of existing media hubs and social networks, allowing fair and free monetization of original content. Based on principles of decentralization, content creators monetizing their work with WildSpark, are assigned full ownership of their content and its monetization processes.


WildSpark has already a combined footprint of 1.5 million subscribers, allows value and information to flow freely, cutting third parties out of the equation while giving creators and curators the chance to monetize their creations and earn cryptocurrency for content they distribute across various social platforms. Synereo’s partnership with Qiyi Culture, the leading production company in China, aims to infuse blockchain technology into flourishing online creation economy.

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