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OPEN Platform launches successful Asian Road Tour

OPEN Platform successfully completed their 2 week Asian road show in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. They created a ravishing buzz around their company throughout Asia and got the sold out crowds excited to learn more about their project. OPEN Platform is looking to be “The first cryptocurrency wallet for applications.” According to their pitch deck, they want to Enable any application to integrate blockchain technology, deploy any payment scheme, accept any
cryptocurrency and track payment states on the blockchain. This would be a huge achievement and propel them to be one the most successful cryptocurrencies, if achieved. They already have over 55,000 telegram users and are partnered with large capital players such as Draper Dragon and Danhua Capital.

OPEN Platform statement on Asian Road Tour:

 “We’re extremely pleased with our Asian Road Tour this far,” said OPEN CEO, Ken Sangha. “There’s been immense support behind OPEN Platform and blockchain technology as a whole. We’re really looking forward to what the immediate future holds in the blockchain industry and OPEN can be used to enrich the lives of consumers, developers, and online businesses.” 

We are continuing to see more companies promote their products and services by traveling road shows. EOS also recently completed a promotional tour in China with sold out, enthusiastic crowds. It is important for all ICOs and crypto projects to promote their projects internationally, especially in Asia, which has one of the largest group of blockchain supporters. You can learn more about OPEN Platform’s successful Asian road tour by visiting their article here.

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