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Hangzhou blockchain park offers high incentives to startups

The newly established Hangzhou blockchain industrial park is offering impressive incentives and supportive policies to attracting blockchain talents, new startups and new blockchain projects.


First, high-level talent reward

1. Up to 3 million yuan settlement fee

2. Master’s and Ph.D. one-time living allowance

3. Introduce talent rewards

4. Talent bid for license plate grant

Second, the incubation platform reward

1. Up to 15 million yuan rent assistance

2. Up to 6 million yuan public platform reward

3. Up to 2 million yuan financing award

4. Up to RMB 1 million to create space awards

5. Up to 500,000 yuan for individual projects to nurture rewards

6. Innovation coupon subsidy

In addition to incentives to technology talents, project funding is also available to qualified startup projects:

1. Up to 1.5 million yuan rent subsidy

2. Up to 6 million yuan R&D subsidies

3. Cloud Service Assistance

4. Innovation coupon subsidy

5. Give industrialization support after successful hatching


The industrial park accepts applications from high-quality blockchain projects all year round, approved projects will be enjoying preferential policies and making full use of the park’s industrial support and capital chain resources.  Hangzhou is located in Zhejiang Province, only 1.5 hour high speed train ride from Shanghai.


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