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Bobby Lee believes China to lift Crypto Ban Eventually

Bobby Lee, the CEO/founder of BTC China talked about the ban of cryptocurreny trading in China in a recent interview with CNBC. Bobby Lee is one of the most high profiled and successful crypto entrepreneurs in China, as he is behind the largest Bitcoin trading platform in the country. Bobby’s full statement;

“One day, I think it is possible that they’ll lift the ban, and they might reinstitute it and license it. But frankly speaking, I don’t know what kind of a timeframe that is – whether it is a few months, a few years, or even a few decades – it’s hard to tell.”

Everyone believes countries like China and Indonesia will eventually lift their crypto ban as they figure out how to properly regulate trading. The amount of ICO scams and risk to China’s RMB currency were two of the major reasons why it was ban on September 30, 2017. We firmly believe cryptocurrency trading will be made legal sooner rather than later in China.

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