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Brian Kanda of FloraChain to speak at US China Blockchain Conference

Brian Kanda, Co-founder and CEO of FloraChain, will be one of the many great speakers at the 2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference in Los Angeles on August 22nd. FloraChain wants “to transform the flower industry by working with every participant along the floral supply chain to create a world in which access to data equals integrity, sustainability, quality, and longer vase life for all consumers.” Brian-Kanda

Brian Kanda is a passionate entrepreneur in global trade with an eye for up and coming markets. Founded H2Organics to build modular grow containers deployable anywhere in the world and most recently co-founded BloomHouse to produce and commercialize automated flower lockers in the Asian market. Extensive experience in supply chain and logistics from shipping chocolates, beef and peanuts from the US going out into the world, to manufacturing electronics, carry solutions and various hard goods in Asia going back into US and European countries. His vision for simplifying the floral trade while protecting all parties involved drove FloraChain throughout the development process.

Join us in Los Angeles to network and learn with leading blockchain experts.


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