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Interview with Crypto Podcast Enthusiast BlockChainBalln

We had the pleasure to interview a cryptocurrency podcast artist Chaz Manson of BlockChainBalln to discuss the latest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.


How did you first learn about bitcoin/blockchain?

Back in 2013 I was using services on the internet that only accepted Bitcoin (i.e. IPTV), and at that point the seeds were planted.  The idea of using alternate forms of payment for the traditional United States Dollar became a great source of intrigue.  My real interest into the inner working of Bitcoin came a few years later when I started to notice, watch and interpret trends. Through the Coinbase app and GDAX website, I started buying.  From there I would continue to use Bitcoin from time to time to make purchases online.  Within the span of another year I began to observe the significant increases in value and the staggering increase in the number of coin types available as well.  My observations led to analysis and my analysis led me to apply the knowledge. During the early navigation process my eyes were opened to the vast world and possibility of Blockchain and other Cryptocurrencies.

What interests you about the blockchain industry?

I’m very interested in the possibility of growth and expansion.  I feel as if we are at the beginning stages of world changing technology. The growth I am observing is similar to that of the internet in the 90’s, and we know how that ends up. I love the idea of centralization and decentralization.  It gives options to the market the same ways the internet does. And as previously stated, growth is a great interest of mine.  Both the Internet and Crypto grant you access to resources and people that you normally would not have contact with in your day to day life.

What are the goals of your podcast BlockchainBalln?

My BlockchainBalln Podcast is designed with innovation in mind, and I aim to raise awareness for the possibilities on the horizon. Cryptocurrency is growing, but not being shown in an expansive light. My goal is to attract new and unfamiliar viewers with the wide world of Crypto. The overall market cap for the day and the top 20 coins along with their prices are laid out for the listener in an organized non threatening manner and the information is direct. The setup is short and sweet, relaying the information concisely and is accessibly available for everyone on any Podcast platform. Anchoring the Podcast in Hip-Hop is a way to appeal to millennia’s, but also to insert my personality into the format; plus it makes it less formal and boring.

What do you see as the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general is the future! Over time people evolve programs to better fit their needs and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness.  If we were to take money as an example we quickly realize the functionality is outdated.  We live in a fast paced, ever changing environment where a lot of communication and interactions take place “virtually”.  Our currency needs to be flexible, versatile, and it is en route to becoming that way with the advancement of Crypto. This is a second extension of the internet, in my opinion. Once it hits, the realization will be vast and the change, expedient.

Time for the final question. Where is your favorite vacation spot in the entire world?

I am really kind of a home-body by nature, so I do not like to go too far for too long. I recently went to Mexico though, and that was awesome, but like I said, I try not to stray too far from home.

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