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Chat with Mr. Juan Revilla on Blockchain Technology

Mr. Juan Revilla (center) at Yingke Law Firm Global Headquarters in Beijing

I traveled to China with Mr. Juan Revilla, former CEO of Telefonica Global Solutions. Mr. Revilla have been working for Telefonica for over two decades till last year when he finally decided to retire.  Now Mr. Revilla serves as CEO of High Trend International, a smart city technology solution provider serving markets of Latin America and the Caribbean region.  Today I enjoyed a brief chat with him on the topics of blockchain technology.

BlockchainChinaConnect: As you have visited China a few times, as Chinese government has endorsed blockchain technologies, what do you think about the current development and trends of blockchain technology in China?

Mr. Revilla: I think that the development of the blockchain technology in China is supported by both, the government and the private sector; and both realize that is key for an efficient and effective development of the Country; and is aligned with the strategy of “Belt and Road Initiative”.

BlockchainChinaConnect: You have been working in the field of telecommunication industry for many decades, what do you think about the blockchain technology in the telecommunication industry in next ten years?

Mr. Revilla: In order to have the development of the ICT industry, with the 5G, IOT, security, environmental, traffic, logistics, a national vision is required, so that it will allow to have a shared infrastructure in the countries by the different players. There is not enough resources for doing parallel projects in a same area.

The strength, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the blockchain data, supported by the peer to peer strategy; is key for the development of the ICT industry.

BlockchainChinaConnect: As you are now involved with smart city development in China and Latin America, how do you feel the utilization of block chain technology with smart city programs in China and other countries?

Mr. Revilla: As I affirmed in my previous answer, I see that is going to be an extraordinary support for the smart cities development, the strength, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the blockchain data, supported by the peer to peer strategy.

To evolve the smart cities means to evolve IOT and in order to do that, the blockchain is a key piece; because it’s efficiency, it’s secure, accessible and effective.


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