Interview with Colin Wu, CEO of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange

We had the privilege to interview Mr. Colin Wu, CEO of Hong Kong IP Exchange, during our recent visit to Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange (HKIPX) is building IPXE, the world’s first, tokenized blockchain-based, intellectual property rights trading platform. IPXE includes the advantages of traditional asset-backed securities with blockchain technology and digital asset management including IP application registration, crowd funding, trading and other supportive services. The Exchange features easy traceability and irreversibility of records, clear ownership and free circulation of digital assets that provide IP rights solutions of securitization and tokenization. The long-standing issues of the IP rights of circulation, commercialization and industrialization are resolved.

Colin Wu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HKIPX, said: “By the end of 2018, the world’s first tokenized IP rights trading platform will be in operation. This global IP ecosystem shall create an open, fair and just platform for IP professionals around the world to contribute, to share and enjoy the success of their efforts. We will spare no effort to promote capitalization, securitization, and digitization of IP securities worldwide. Our mission shall benefit the entire world, the participating country and its people and the businesses. IPXE, the world’s first tokenized IP trading platform is soon coming into being. We are assured that we are in the right era of IP securitization and digitization!”

How could intellectual property dance with blockchain? 

Blockchain technology and the token economy provide a brand-new solution to financing via IP rights securitizationTransparency, efficiency, sharing, and decentralization of blockchain are highly compatible with the requirements of IP asset securitization. Using blockchain technology, the authenticity of each asset can be confirmed and shared by all participating parties. Each transfer is faithfully and completely recorded on the blockchain, facilitating the tracking of asset ownership and preventing “selling more than you own. Transactions on the blockchain are automatically executed through inherent smart contracts to improve transfer efficiency and convenience; tracking and supervision of assets facilitates data analysis and processing. At the same time records on blockchain provide transparency and security for IP rights transactions.

Can you describe the Design of Trading Structure?

IPXE is the worlds first tokenized IP rights trading platformbuilt with multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture, and optimized matchmaking tradeoff model. The stability and scalability of standard modules are optimizedIts performance key indicators are on par with those of influential stock exchanges. IPXE is aecosystem with multiple missions, multiple systems that support different architectures from different nodes and systems. Through IPXE trading engine, it meets the demands of IP rights transaction and its derivative digital assets.

What are the highlights and Advantages of Innovation?

IPXE, the world’s first tokenized intellectual property rights trading platform itechnically supported by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange (HKIPX)HKIPX has decades of experience, rich IP resources, and years of technology and experience accumulation in asset securitization. It is the backbone to the new, blockchain-based and token-facilitated IP rights trading platform. IPXE serves IP owners, users, distributors and investors from around the world, breaking the barriers of borders, sovereign currencies and nationality of traditional IP rights transactions, and achieving worldwide distribution, transactions and circulation via IPXE tokens. The scope of financing and beneficiaries are far-reaching and global. It addresses its essentialproblems of securitized IP rights transaction, lack of liquidity. It enhances the success rate of IP financing and conversion rate of IP commercialization.

What are the token incentives of the exchange?

Through the token incentive mechanism inherent to the blockchain technologyparticipants of DAO community are compensated according to their contribution, and they will be rewardedeven more through token appreciation if they hold their tokens for a long-term. This will ensure IP owners, users, distributors and investors to have a positive relationship, strengthen cooperation, and accelerate the distribution and commercialization of IP rights. The IPXE core team has decades of experience in system development of financial transactions, trading platform, financial IT architecture, intellectual property field, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, massive data mining and data risk control and management. 



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