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RedEx Digital Asset Trading Platform connects international investors

RedEx, based in Singapore, is launching their innovative trading platform focused in the field of Ubiquitous Internet of Things, to bring vitality to the Internet of Things all over the world through faster and safer digital asset trading. RedEx is committed to building a globalized digital asset management and investment platform. Driven by the technological innovation at the bottom of the block chain,guaranteed by international team, supported by rich cooperation resources, to create the unique trading platform of RedEx.

Unique Advantages of RedEx Digital Asset Trading Platform

  1. Large Number of Users
    • The strategic partner-Redstone Technology Co., Ltd. is the global largest
      supplier of OTA services. The company’s present services cover more
      than 5,800 mobile phone products and 600 million mobile phone users in
      185 countries, which can directly provide a huge number of users for the
      digital currency exchange.
  2. Mature promotion channel system
    • Offline+online: the financial and economic media “Wild News” in
      professional blockchain field combines community traffic diversion with
      the strong mobile phone advertisement putting platform, to cover the
      blockchain field, investment and financing field and global mobile phone
  3. Global vision
    • RedEx has a globalized service network and distributed multi-group
      architecture service experience for years, capable of simultaneous
      operation of tens of million users, with super high fault-tolerant and
      disaster-recovery capacity.
  4. Security service experience
    • Based on the strategic partner-Redstone Sunshine’s foresight in
      technical field, the cooperation experience between Redstone Sunshine
      and global telecom enterprises for years ensures the safety and
      risk control system which has been affirmed by world’s top telecom

RedEx has launched their white paper and is currently operating. Blockchain China Connect will be working very closely with RedEx such as assisting ICOs to be listed on the exchange. The RedEx platform will be innovative, high quality, fast and will provide low-cost services to investors and ICOs.

Please contact us at you would like a copy of the white paper or to learn about listing your ICO on their platform.

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