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Blockchain technology help defeat Chinese censors

(Source: Voice of America) Chinese internet users have found a way to get around government suppression of news by using blockchain technology. Blockchain is the name for an official list of transactions carried out between users belonging to the same network. Blockchain permits transaction records to be checked and stored securely.

Some internet users recently turned to blockchain to publicize a Chinese vaccine scandal. A Chinese drug maker was found to have produced poor quality vaccines meant for young babies.


The information was uncovered during an investigation by an unidentified reporter, who published a story on the internet. The story said Chinese officials had discovered production problems as early as November, but did not admit their findings or announce any action against the company until July. The news spread across social media in China. But the story was quickly censored by the Chinese government. Other attempts to republish the story were not successful.

Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English. You can read more at VOA site.

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