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Blockchain to boost tourism in China’s mountain resort town

(Source: China Daily) Wuduo Mountain Blockchain Tourist Town, the world’s first project connecting tourism with blockchain technology, was released in Zhengzhou, Henan province on July 26.

A press conference was held by Henan Yijing Enterprise Management and Nanyang Wuduo Mountain Tourism Development with the support of  the Henan Provincial Tourism Department, Nanyang Municipal People’s Government, China Unicom Henan Branch and Sugon Group.

The project will build a new tourism service platform through blockchain technology to effectively connect tourism transportation, travel insurance, food consumption, communication services, etc.

As a distributed accounting technology that makes use of cryptography, blockchain technology boasts low transaction costs, strong privacy protection and data that cannot be tampered with.

Specifically, data can be shared among a distributed network of computers with no need for middlemen. It can no longer be altered once recorded in the ledger.

Combining the unique landscape of the Wuduo Mountain with blockchain technology is expected to benefit tourism in the area by providing tourists with a more comfortable and convenient travel experience, said Wang Yazhou, chairman of Nanyang Wuduo Mountain Tourism Development.

Wang Yaoxuan, chief executive president of the company, explained how blockchain technology would be implemented in Wuduo Mountain in the future. The world’s first travel membership system will be established to create an open, distributed ledger that can record consumer transactions around tourism attractions and global time-sharing tourism real estate.

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Wang Zhi, deputy general manager of China Unicom Henan Branch, said that Henan Unicom will make full use of its technical and resource advantages in the fields of fixed communications and mobile services to provide an intelligent platform for tourism management.

Wuduo Mountain scenic spot is a national 4A tourism destination covering an area of 126 square kilometers. It is one of the main parks in Funiu Mountain World Geopark and a Taoist cultural tourist site in the Central Plains. Four natural and cultural attractions have already been developed in the area, including Baopu Gorge, Wanfu Palace, Wuduo Peaks, and Jiulong Lake. The Wuduo Mountain Blockchain Tourist Town will soon be located in the scenic spot.

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