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China’s mobile mini court uses blockchain technology

(Source: China Daily) Since the launch of a mobile mini court on the popular social media platform WeChat at the beginning of this year, courts in Ningbo have handled about 70,000 cases via it. The mobile mini court enables the public to deal with basic lawsuit practices, such as participating in court proceedings and witnessing execution of judgments without being present in court. The mobile mini court’s daily average page view is more than 15,000, and the accumulated page view has exceeded 2 million.

To guarantee the security of litigation process, the mini program has applied many advanced internet technologies including face recognition and blockchain technology.

The mobile mini court overcomes many obstacles including time and distance in the handling of cases, and it is now being promoted nationwide.

This is a successful application of Internet Plus to judicial practice, which should be highly promoted in many aspects not limited to the judicature.

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