News Changsha county establishes first blockchain industrial park

(Source: China Daily) An academic summit forum on blockchains was held in Changsha county to celebrate the establishment of the first blockchain industrial park in Central China and the signing of ten major projects.

Several academics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), as well as leaders, elites, and representatives of blockchain enterprises, gathered in Changsha county to discuss the application and development of the blockchain industry, further promoting the development and revitalization of real economy in Changsha and all of Hunan.

Chen Xiaohong, dean of the Hunan University of Commerce and a member of CAE, made a speech at the forum emphasizing the trend of integrating blockchains with various new technologies. Chen is devoted to developing blockchain applications with her team in Changsha.

Zhang Pingwen, a CAS member and professor of mathematics and science at Peking University, said that information technology such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, and internet of things are key to industrial transformation.

Ten blockchain enterprises signed contracts to settle in the Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park. Most of the enterprises are from Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hunan province, and are involved in cloud computing, big data, new energy, new aviation materials, blockchain technology, etc.

Changsha county has issued policies supporting the blockchain industry, including more than 20 policies that support cash awards. Academic workstations and blockchain research institutes will also be built in the Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park.

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