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Thailand becomes hot spot for blockchain projects

Thailand and its neighboring Southeast Asian countries are becoming popular destinations for blockchain projects and cryptocurrency investors. Thailand’s government has been very proactive in regulating the industry and been cooperative with local projects to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements. ICO projects have been targeting Thailand as a hub to finding investors and raising capital. It is very important to consider a multi-country approach for your capital raising strategies, as many governments can change regulations overnight. China is the country that comes to mind which has made an increasing number of cryptocurrency regulations announcements without any warning.

We will be discussing how to target specific countries for your marketing strategies and which marketing channels are best utilized during our upcoming Chicago Blockchain Workshop. Attracting investors is one of the hardest and most important steps for many projects so we expect a sold-out event in Chicago. We will be traveling throughout Asia during the next two months and will discuss the current market conditions at the event.

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