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Russia looks to China as means to raise capital for blockchain projects

Russians are looking at investments from China as a way to finance their blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Chinese private investors and corporate entities have financed a large number of Russian projects over the past 2 years. A major reason for this cooperation is the lack of investments projects available to Chinese investors due to the unattractive stock market and recent slowdown for real estate investments. Russian blockchain projects look elsewhere due to the lack of venture capital in the country and in order to not have to deal with Russian banks. Russia and China look to have found a great relationship in this niche space and we expect larger number of Russian companies to promote their projects across Asia, such as Singapore, Japan, Korea and Thailand. We will discuss how to effectively market your ICO and blockchain projects across Asia at our upcoming Blockchain Workshop in Chicago on December 4th. This is one trend we do not expect to see slow down in the future.


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