News app to promote credibility in online media

(Source: China Daily) Beijing Cnlive Culture Media Co Ltd, one of the biggest new media platform operators, will promote credibility in the field of online media through its new mobile news application, according to the company’s top management.

“The second edition of our app will integrate five different functions, including socialization, e-commerce and news dissemination,” said Miao Bulin, CEO of Beijing Cnlive Culture Media. “We want to build a trustworthy service platform promoting effective social activities and providing honest news.”

According to Miao, the new service platform will employ advanced technologies including AI and blockchain to accurately appraise users’ integrity index, hoping to integrate the fields of finance, transportation, marketing and consumption to build up integrity index management system.

“The core value of the new platform lies in its attempt to promote values of integrity, reduce transaction costs and improve consumption efficiency for consumers,” said Jiang Qiang, Managing Director of Beijing Cnlive Culture Media.

Founded in 2007, the company is one of the first to undertake the operation of mobile new media platforms, according to the company’s statement. It is focused on developing mobile news media platform and providing comprehensive solutions accordingly, the company’s statement said.


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