China and US to fight for control of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

China is fighting hard to retain control of Huawei CFO Ms. Meng Wanzhou as they make threatening statements to the country of Canada. The US had issued an arrest warrant for Wanzhou since August 22nd stating that she helped the large technology company to avoid sanctions on Iran.

This case is extremely important for both China and the US. China has more to lose here due to the fact the Ms. Wanzhou has deep knowledge about many businesses in China and possibly secrets of Chinese importance. If Wanzhou is extradited to the United States, these secrets may become known and of great importance. There are many conspiracy theorists throughout WeChat, China’s top social media. Some Chinese conspiracists are trying to link the Chinese government to this case and previous cases such as the death of HNA Chairman. We are expected to learn about Canada’s decision shortly this week.

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