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39 percent of ‘State of Startups’ participants say China will be the center of the tech world by 2028

A recent survey of over 500 founders answered questions to provide an outlook of the startup industry. The results provide us a great outlook into what the top founders are thinking at this current time. I will post some of the most interesting conclusions below. You can check out the official survey results here.

  • 87% of founders are blockchain skeptics when it comes to their industry.
  • China has added 500 million new internet users in the past decade. It now boasts nine of the world’s 20 biggest tech companies by market cap, according to Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report. (The other 11 are in the U.S.)
  • When asked about the decade to come, nearly 40% of founders predict that China will occupy the center of the tech world in 2028. However, over 50% say the center will be in the U.S. Less than 5% think it will be anywhere else.
  • Only 13 percent said blockchain or cryptocurrency will be dominant technologies in their industry. But 40 percent say they personally own crypto.
  • The next generation of startup founders will come from Uber (23 percent); Slack (16 percent); Stripe (15 percent); and Airbnb (14 percent).
  • Founders sayVR/AR is the most over-hyped technology, followed by bots/conversational UI, , IoT, and drones.
  • Three-fourths of startups offer work-from-home benefits51 percent offer paid disability leave; 37 percent offer a return to work flex time program; and 35 percent have a mother’s room


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