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China-UK Fintech Bridge Conference to boost collaboration and opportunity

(Source: China Daily) The China-UK Fintech Bridge Conference was held Tuesday in the city of London, aimed to boost collaboration between the two economies in promoting financial technology innovation and application.

Tom Troubridge, vice chairman of China Britain Business Council, said that “Belt and Road, Fintech and Green Finance were our three main themes” in the two countries’ economic cooperation.

He said China focused deeply on high technology development and “its shift to a more service and consumer driven economy is a very positive thing for the UK.”

“UK is actively engaging with leading Fintech centres around the world, including China, to explore mutually beneficial Fintech opportunities,” he added.

Sunan Jiang, Minister Counsellor for Science and Technology at Chinese Embassy, said “Fintech is developing fast in China, mainly in application”, added that “Technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing and big data are profoundly changing financial landscape.”

He noted the development of Fintech has opened up a new way for inclusive finance, and “Digital inclusive finance has improved the availability, possibility and controlability of inclusive finance,” he said.

Susanne Chishti, CEO of London-based Fintech Circle said: “We wanted to create a shop window for UK Fintechs who have the capability to strike out and grow their businesses. ”

She said “Our networking opportunities, pitching competition and Fintech Bridge Awards ceremony will create a great platform for this.”

Fintech Bridge Journal was launched during the conference, which is expected to provide a guild to enhance Fintech ecosystem and support the Fintech firms and investors to work successfully across borders.

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