Utility Token GZH has been listed on Singaporean exchange

Dec 31 2018. Singapore. A utility token called GZH has been listed on the UTEX exchange today. Source has said that the token is base on GZH blockchain(, a consortium blockchain helping startups to establish their “zero-employee” organization. Alin Harbuz, representative of Romania Chamber of Commerce, who is also helping promoting GZH on social media said that “we are really glad to announce the listing of GZH, all of our hard work has finally been repaid.”

For years, startups and entrepreneurs are facing the challenge to revolutionize the corporation structure to fit the fast-changing world. However, current solutions are far from efficient. With the new technology of blockchain and the emerging application of tokeconomy, contributions helped startups can easily be evaluated, recorded and repaid, trust between strangers can easily be established.

“GZH blockchain is the first consortium chain who claims to be the infrastructure to help startups transforming their traditional organization structure to a new one called ‘zero-employee’. We hope that with our small step forward, entrepreneurial and innovation practice can be much easier than they used to be. ”, said Dusan Nesic, Serbian economist and partner of GZH. UTEX(, which GZH chooses to be listed on, is a Singapore based exchange to trade utility tokens.webwxgetmsgimg

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