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Financial sector forever changed from evolving Disruptive Technology

Buzzwords heard around the finance world such as Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Security Token Offerings (STOs), blockchain, etc. have forever changed the landscape of the financial sector. New technology introduced by a simple 9 paged white paper  over 10 years ago that made a tremendous impact that would have only been a dream when written. Technological progress may seem to move slowly as we sit here today and wait  patiently on when the SEC will approve the first Bitcoin ETF. The first Gold ETF in the United States was only approved 15 years ago and took years before it reached approval status.

It is only when an individual takes a step back and looks how far we’ve come the last 10 years with Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies, that we can truly appreciate the progress.”

The rapid technological transformation, from Bitcoin and blockchain to cryptocurrencies and ICOs/STOs, show the world that we as humans want the financial sector to keep evolving into the best possible product. Regulation will continue to develop and be applied to this new disruptive sector creating a more regulated, transparent product. Some of the best minds in the world are working within this disruptive technological sector and I truly believe the next 2-3 years of work will shape the financial sector for the next 100 years to come.

Blockchain based business and security token offerings will disrupt nearly every economic sector from banking, government, construction, supply chain, education and more. The journey may be long and have to cross multiple mountains and valleys, but the professionals who allocate their time within the blockchain industry will feel the most appreciation and excitement as each industry is disrupted.


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